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Teacher Camps for Legendary Users

We facilitate online teacher camps on edtech and gamification topics, managed by our Guild Officers, expert teacher leaders from around the globe! Each camp starts at the first of the month, lasts three weeks, includes a minimum of 10 quests, start and work at your own pace.  Attend optional synchronous events, check the Guild Calendar.

  • Learn with teachers in over 15 countries on our guild site
  • Clone all quests from teacher camps to use with your students or other teachers!
  • Earn and publish your OBI badges, showing certified evidence of your learning
  • Optional professional development credit is available through Boise State University
  • Quests tied to ISTE NETs Standards
  • Fully web-based, play anytime, works great on mobiles
  • Includes a teacher account and 175 students accounts in 3D GameLab.

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Legendary Users Only - Facilitated Camps

October – Make Your Own App!

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Dr. Yu-Chang Hsu

Email: hsu@boisestate.edu

Main Audience: All Teachers


Dr. Hsu is Associate Professor of Educational Technology at Boise State University. He has been researching and teaching mobile app design and development to students ranging from middle school students to graduate students in online and face-to-face settings since 2011. He was selected as one of the coaches by MIT Center for Mobile Learning for the best-in-national teams from Verizon Innovative App Challenge in 2014 and 2015.

Join Dr. Yu-Chang Hsu as you learn to make your own apps using Google App Maker. These skills can be used with students in the classroom to encourage them to build their own apps on related subject matter. Dr. Hsu’s students have won awards in the MIT App Inventor Content, you and your students could be next!

Description: Learn to make your own apps:

  • setting up your mobile device(s), emulator, and computer
  • hands-on with practice app customizations
  • thinking through and creating a design proposal; actually doing it!

Legendary Users Only

Teacher Workshop Library

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Legendary account holders also have full access to clone our library of over 15 teacher workshops to re-use for professional development with other teachers in your school.

Teacher Camps for ALL Users

All Users

The Academy: Gamification Bootcamp

Included in all Educator & Legendary Accounts

The Academy Badges-14Ongoing every month! Welcome to our basic “bootcamp,” where you are introduced to 3D GameLab and learn the basics of gamification.  Here’s where you start your journey to “unlock” your teacher permissions and dashboard inside 3DGL, and create quests.  Once several basic quests are complete and you’ve earned your 3DGL Teacher badge, you’ll have the opportunity to go on and earn your Expert Designer badge by engaging with advanced quest design strategies to create exciting quest-based learning for your students.

QuestBoise: Our Annual Virtual Unconference

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Every year in July, we offer a FREE two day QuestBoise Virtual Unconference on quest-based learning. Watch previous year recordings of over 15 experts discuss aspects of gamification in the classroom, including quest and reward system design, creating storylines, the Open Badges Initiative, and more.

Past Camper Feedback

  • The future of education is now.
  • I can’t stop questing, I’m addicted!
  • …with 3D Game Lab, students are free to try and try again until they get it right. Bad grades have mutated into something engaging. Like the reformed Grinch, we have grown into something better.
  • I don’t want to go back, ever…I love, love, love what I am seeing in class after the first week of questing…Thanks, 3DGL. You’ve taken what looked to be a difficult quarter and turned into the best first week I’ve ever experienced. This is not an exaggeration.
  • So many possibilities…I know I need to take it one step at a time and narrow my focus, but I am excited, intrigued, a little overwhelmed. It’s pretty awesome.
  • I’m hooked. I have completely, hook, line and sinker, bought into the idea that the future of education is not going to look like the traditional classroom for much longer.
  • The gaming camp can’t be over…my brain is hungry for the whole experience…So can we sign up to attend another class? Can we, can we, PLEASE?