Online Teacher Camps

Earn your teacher badges, and learn throughout the year with quests and events in environments like Minecraft, Google Hangouts, World of Warcraft, virtual worlds and more.

Teacher Badges

Professional development isn’t a cost, it’s an investment. – Sir Ken Robinson

Our monthly online teacher camps provide teachers and instructional designers the tools and the training to turn your class into a living game, or just a very cool place to learn! Start at any point, facilitated topics change monthly.  After it’s over, you’ll have a teacher dashboard and can invite your students to play their way through the curriculum. You choose which asynchronous quests and synchronous events you’d like to participate in (any or all), work at your own pace, fully facilitated by our Guild Officers.

Each month, we begin new camps that last three weeks, you get to play throughout the year.  Check out our camp schedule and descriptions.


A research-based platform developed by the experts in educational technology at GoGo Labs and Boise State University:

  • Ongoing access to all teacher camps for a full year
  • All camps taught by expert educators who are specialists on their topic
  • Share/clone/remix thousands of quests in the Quest Armory
  • Teacher Dashboard gives ability to invite 175 students into your own groups of quests
  • Fully web-based, play anytime, works great on mobiles
  • Learner choice of quests!
  • Quests are tied to national standards (ISTE, Common Core & NGSS)
  • Player scorecards, teacher reports
  • Game mechanics: badges, ranks, rewards, xp, earn Mozilla OBI badges
  • Used in public and private schools, higher ed, home schooling, corporate training, after school programs, and more
  • Players in over 12 countries, supported educator learning community using our guild site
  • COPPA & FERPA compliant


  • Join Teacher Camp at any time, your membership is good for one year
  • Participate in synchronous events in environments like Google Hangouts, World of Warcraft, video conferencing, virtual worlds and more! Attend as many or as few as you like!
  • $245 camp fee
  • Professional development credit available separately from Boise State University ($60 per credit, additional fee)


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For PO’s,include names and email addresses for each player you are registering, $245 each.
Fax: (208) 901-3125

Past Camper Feedback

  • The future of education is now.
  • I can’t stop questing, I’m addicted!
  • …with 3D Game Lab, students are free to try and try again until they get it right. Bad grades have mutated into something engaging. Like the reformed Grinch, we have grown into something better.
  • I don’t want to go back, ever…I love, love, love what I am seeing in class after the first week of questing…Thanks, 3DGL. You’ve taken what looked to be a difficult quarter and turned into the best first week I’ve ever experienced. This is not an exaggeration.
  • So many possibilities…I know I need to take it one step at a time and narrow my focus, but I am excited, intrigued, a little overwhelmed. It’s pretty awesome.
  • But now I’m hooked. I have completely, hook, line and sinker, bought into the idea that the future of education is not going to look like the traditional classroom for much longer.
  • The gaming camp can’t be over…my brain is hungry for the whole experience…So can we sign up to attend another class? Can we, can we, PLEASE?

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